EASTER: Are We Still Having it in 2020? Let’s Hunt for Blessings Instead of Easter Eggs This Year

By Sally Tippett Rains

Easter Week 2020: This is the year of the pandemic and you may be filled with fear. Most people are. But Easter is the time that can give us all peace in our hearts and hope for the future. The winter is so dark and cold, just like the time right before the crucifixion; but then it’s as if the world comes to life– just as Jesus did when he ascended into Heaven. Let the flowers remind you of beauty that is around us and more that is coming.

Pretty flowers in Henkel's yard

Jesus arose from the dead. He went to Heaven. That is our reward some day: we will go to Heaven. We must keep that optimistic outlook as we go through these tough times.

Why are we wasting our time fretting? I know I am letting the fear creep in every once in a while– even when I advocate for “Choose Happy” I am just like you. Sometimes all this news gets to us– but we can calm ourselves down and we should. Our life is not always going to be like this.

It WILL get better. We WILL live through this. So this week as you think of Easter, celebrate it! There is much to be thankful for and even when they sometimes seem hard to find… keep looking for the blessings. Maybe this year we should hunt for blessings instead of Easter eggs!

Bible Verse:

“Let not your heart be troubled.”   — John 14:1


“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”    –Jim Rohn

Action Plan:

Figure out ahead of time how you will celebrate Easter and this will eliminate any disappointment. It is going to be different of course, but you can come up with a family devotional, you can find a church service to watch, you can look online to find Easter crafts. You can still sing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”– even if it’s by yourself!

If you are alone think of ways you can reach out to others. Don’t wait for people to reach out to you during this time. We need to help each other and this is not the time to stand on principal (“I called her last time” or “They just don’t care about me” or “Why should I call them when they don’t call me?”) Reach out and make the move. Call or email and set up a video call so you won’t be by yourself the whole day.  If you don’t have anyone to talk to or be with on Easter feel free to email ME. (SallyRains314@gmail.com)

One Last Thought:

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Written by Sally Tippett Rains.  Published by Peppertree Publishing, Sarasota, Florida, Distributed by BookBaby.


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