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Rainbows for Kids has been going strong for 23 years since our first party in 1999 at Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital. We incorporated into a charity in January of 2000, and exist to help families of children with cancer as well as other families going through a tough time due to health concerns. We provide fun activities, support, and friendship. We also provide help in other ways on an individual basis. Rainbows for Kids serves patients from all pediatric hospitals in the Greater St. Louis Area.
We Are All Volunteers: No one gets paid, no building to pay rent on. All donations go to programs for the kids.

Rainbows for Kids Donations are Tax Deductible 
Want to mail a donation:? Please make checks payable to : Rainbows for Kids
Send to: Rainbows for Kids   7221 Waterford Drive   St. Louis, MO 63123
For Questions: (314) 842-9724

Jazzy wins scholarship 2019WE GIVE OUT AN ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP

Elmo and Anna Heins Smith Scholarship Fund of Rainbows for Kids

 Jaci Griffin, shown left, with her parents is just one of the recipients of the scholarship which was established by the Bosch family of St. Louis. Kathy and Tim Bosch and their sons Matthew and David Bosch wanted to honor their parents/grandparents as education was very important to them. The Bosches established the scholarship fund for children who have been in treatment for cancer (or other serious disease) and who participated in Rainbows for Kids events in 2015. To contribute to this scholarship fund please contact Kathy Bosch by email: katbs3@aol.com.

We want you to know that while some of our children have gained their angel wings, there are many who are growing up and living normal lives. It is due in part to the many who didn’t make it but tried experimental treatment– that ended up helping future patients. 
From Mikey Loncaric, former patient:
“I just wanted to thank you (Rainbows for Kids) for everything you did for me in the past. You are one of the reasons I am here today and one of the reasons I feel I made it through cancer.  (During that time) I lost a few friends to cancer and it was hard for me to open up. I thought about my friends everyday and it helped fuel my work in the lab at Southeast Missouri State University, where I graduated with my bachelor in chemistry. After my Masters in engineering physics , I hope I can make a difference in the cancer research I am currently working on.”
Thank you to all who donate to or volunteer with Rainbows for Kids. You help children like Mikey  have fun activities and meet friends when going through a tough time having cancer. You also help people like his mom have something to do to help her along the way during the long and terrible time that is cancer. And now we can all be proud of Mikey– he’s going for his masters degree. 
Facts About Rainbows for Kids
*The all-volunteer-run organization was started by a local St. Louis family with help from friends. No one has ever received a paycheck and Rainbows for Kids does not have an office to pay rent on so all them money we receive can go directly to our projects for the families.
* We started Rainbows for Kids 23 years ago when our family member six- year old Annie was diagnosed with a glio blastoma brain tumor.  At that first party, she didn’t want to be a “patient” she wanted to be a volunteer, and it is her spirit that has kept the flame alive with Rainbows for Kids all these years.
* How it started: One day when we were with Annie at the Costas Center at Cardinal Glennon we decided to have a party.  Sally Rains had experience in event planning and charity work. Rob Rains, her husband had just written a book so he contacted his publisher and they donated books for all the families and we asked Ozzie Smith and Bob Costas to come to the party, which they did The Rains’ sons, Mike and B.J. held a backyard carnival and raised money to put on that first party and the Rains, Tippett and Schiller family and their friends all worked on the event. Annie’s grandparents Margie and Jack Tippett and Ed and Marie Schiller were there as well as her sisters Joan (Schiller) Turner and Ruth Schiller and her parents Barbara Tippett and Bill Schiller. They all invited friends to help.
It was just a little party with cookie cakes donated by Lubeley’s Bakery and there were crafts and entertainment for the kids. It was so fun they decided to start a 501 (c)(3) charity.
“We sat around the dining room table with my family and my dad (Jack Tippett) came up with the name Rainbows for Kids and he made the first donation,” said Sally Tippett Rains, volunteer Executive Director for the charity.
*It has grown to where we help families from all 3 hospitals in St. Louis: Glennon, Childrens and Mercy Pediatrics, plus we have provided goodie bags for Ranken-Jordan Pediatric Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House..
*It is because of the Rains family sports connections, (Rob Rains is a baseball writer and author, and Sally previously worked in the Sports Department at KMOX Radio) and friendships that many celebrities have come out out to meet the kids at our events. Besides Ozzie Smith and Bob Costas, we’ve had broadcasters like Joe Buck, Ricky Horton, John Rooney and Brad Thompson; plus Cardinal players including Lars Nootbaar, Dylan Carlson, Matt Carpenter, Jason Motte, Trevor Rosenthal and many more. Several Cardinals managers including Mike Matheny, Mike Shildt, and Whitey Herzog have volunteered their time; they do it out of friendship and wanting to help the kids– and we appreciate the St. Louis Cardinals for all their support.
*We started an annual All-Star  “Baseball Team” because Annie was on a softball team, but due to her chemotherapy she was weak and had to sit on the bench the whole season she was sick.  We wanted every child to feel like the “belonged” to a “team” and decided to make it open to EVERYONE no matter how sick they are. It’s unique because we also have the kids’ siblings on the team also.
Often when a child has cancer the parents are so busy taking the sick kid to treatment they don’t have time to drive the other kids to sports teams.  The Rainbows for Kids All-Star Baseball team is open to boys and girls of all skill levels (including wheelchairs and one player even has a prosthetic leg).  We use whiffle balls, fat bats or whatever the individual child needs, plus Rainbows for Kids provides uniforms, we have practices, and a big “All-Star Game” complete with trophy presentation.  Thanks to Bascha and Matt Whiteside at All-Star Performance our game is in a safe, airconditioned  environment.
*One year we had Matt Carpenter and shortly before our game Rob Rains, found out Matt was selected to the MLB All-Star Game so it was very exciting to introduce the news to the crowd, that while he was at their “All–Star Game” he was also going to the Major League All-Star Game. These kids and their families are going through so much that our parties and activities serve as a way for them to have family time and keep a positive attitude which is so important in anyone’s recovery.
* Giving to the Community we Serve: The first year Rainbows for Kids was in business–  we donated $25,000 to Cardinal Glennon to purchase a special MRI machine that had video and sound to calm the children down when they got their MRIs.  Twenty years later, Rainbows for Kids spearheaded the development of a wheelchair accessible playground at Watson Trails Park. We thank the City of Sunset Hills and all how helped especially Gerald Brown the Director of Parks and Recreation for Sunset Hills. It’s a unique playground where a person in a wheelchair can stay in their chair to use some of the playground equipment.
*Our Events are for families of children with cancer in the St. Louis area. If you know of a family who could benefit by our services and events, please contact us to get on our list to find out more about our events.

You must RSVP to attend events– For planning purposes, no walk-ins.  RSVP by email.

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