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Choose Happy; Find Contentment in Any Situation


Look at all these smiling faces. They gave gone through tough times but choose to live a happy life. They tell about their individual situations and what has helped them along their journeys in the book.

Photo 1: Back row- Dawn Shaver, Sandy Elfrink, Angela Brunette, Stephen Von Rump, Dana Scott, Derik Scott (star of 2019 “The Titan Games” by the Rock); From, Teresa Tosi, Sally Rains, Darlene Kassen. 

Photo 2: Mike Rains, Lori Rains, Joanie Protzel, Diane Heckenkamp, Barbara Tippett, Sally Rains, Rob Rains

People in Choose Happy Book 1

More people in Choose Happy: Front row: Liz Oliver, Dreama Denver (wife of the late Bob Denver who played Gilligan), Richard LaMotte, Rob Rains; second row: Brian Garner and Samii Taylor; top row: Chuck Miller, Karolyn Grimes (actress who played Zuzu in “It’s A Wonderful Life”

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Even more contributors: Front Row: Rev. Nicholas Inman, Ginger Alden (fiance to Elvis Presley); top row Christopher Radko (Christmas Ornament Designer), Jack Scaife, Ryan Powell

More Choose Happy PeopleAdditional contributors: Back Row: Karen Fox, Barb Baxter, Sally Hanson; Back Row: Jan Orlando, Lorraine “Rainey”  Fahey

Going Gold for the Kids– and their Moms

Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer Awareness–and also the color of the sunflower on the cover of the book. That is not by mistake. The book was written with families of children with cancer in mind. Through Rainbows for Kids we try to bring joy to these families’ lives during a tough time. The book Choose Happy Find Contentment In Any Situation features stories from people who have gone through tough times but have navigated their way through– and try to live as happy a life as they can in the midst of their circumstances.  If you know of a mother of a child with cancer in the Greater St. Louis Area we would love to give them a copy of the book. Contact us through the Contact Page.

Naismith with Choose Happy.pngEverybody is reading Choose Happy; Find Contentment In Any Situation. Sally’s grandsons are mentioned in the book and they enjoyed looking at it. After hearing about the book as she was writing it, her four year old grandson started saying: “Choose Happy.” If you are feeling down, do what he does– choose happy.

Our message is don’t give up. Quoting Coach Jimmy V “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”
FINAL RADKO p v above Acknowledgements

Photo by Allen Ahner

Mike Choose HappyNEW BOOK!

Choose Happy; Find Contentment in Any Situation by Sally Tippett Rains with Foreword by Dreama Denver is filled with inspirational stories of people who have faced devastating situations in their lives but despite the tough times, they have found a way to live a happy life. Sally’s son Mike (shown left) chooses “happy” and you can too.
The contributors’ secrets of how they do it, along with beautiful comforting photos, motivational sayings, suggestions, and even some whimsical ideas will help the reader who is faced with a challenge to realize that whatever you are facing, you can get through it: Choose Happy.
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Boise Rains family reading my book
Karen Rains, shown left with her sons (Sally’s grandsons) looking at the book. Karen was also a contributor.
Things aren’t going the way you planned? Have you lost your way? Do you need some motivation for the situation you are facing or a project you want to try. Maybe it’s not you…Do you know someone who could use some “cheering up?” This book is full of motivation, inspiration and ideas.
“You can be pitiful or you can be powerful –but you can’t be both.”  –Joyce Meyer
The contributors to the book are powerful and you can be too.

Keep Looking Towards the Sun

Excerpt from page 47:
“One sunflower is pretty, but a whole field of sunflowers is amazing. It is a heliotrope, which means it follows the path of the sun each day. Our lives would be so much better, if each day we followed the sun, meaning we turned towards the light, and kept our heads up.
One single sunflower can have up to 2,000 seeds. They provide food products, and some of their seeds provide healthy oil, while other seeds wind up on the floor after being chewed and spit out by baseball players. One sunflower can do so many good things. How about that? Each one of us has the potential to have a positive effect on so many in our lives—these are the seeds we produce—and we have the ability to provide nourishment to others.”
About the author Sally

And what about the strength of a sunflower?

The stalk is thick enough to withstand bad weather. We may not realize it, but we are built to weather the storms of our lives, too. You are strong like the stalk. You are beautiful like the petals.
Whenever you see a sunflower, let it be a reminder to keep looking towards the light. Let the sunflower give you strength and help you choose happy.
Long suflowers
“ … Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” — Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

Pic 16 Roosevelt p 128 Chapter 8Things Will Get Better

Things will get better, but meanwhile learn to appreciate what you have right now. There are a lot of great things in the world and if you just focus on what’s going wrong, you will miss a lot of wonderful experiences and memories.
If you are going through a difficult situation, you will have bumps along the way, but remember, this isn’t your last hurrah. You have a lot of life left in you—and a lot of things to accomplish, so keep going and while you are at it, keep trying to find things that give you peace.
This book helps you find the best in yourself even when you are going through a tough time. It provides ways to calm yourself down, ways to open yourself up to the possibility that things could get better.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
                                       — Philippians 4: 6-7 (NIV)
About the Photographer: Allen Ahner is an award winning photographer, and this is his second book. To see more of his work CLICK HERE.

What They Are Saying About Choose Happy

“Sally is the authentic ‘real deal’ in choosing happiness. She lives what she writes, and draws others who are either like her, or who want to be like her! This God-inspired book is a gift to be read, cherished and shared with others who need to ‘choose happy!’” 
             — Dr. Debra Peppers, Motivational Speaker, Radio/TV Talk Show Host, National Teachers Hall of Fame
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“Sally Rains is a heart-centered, gifted writer who brings life to these inspiring stories.”
            — Tessa Greenspan, Business owner, inspirational speaker
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“Sally Tippett Rains is one of the kindest, nicest and most inspiring people I have ever met. She has a passion for life that is infectious and has brought joy to my life that I could never repay. In all of my years of service to our Nation’s Leaders, I have come across many who inspire; Sally ranks up there with the best of them and I’m honored to know her.”
              — Richard LaMotte, SMSgt, USAF (Retired Air Force Flight Attendant)
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“This book is fantastically written. Sally Rains, again, uses her creative, intelligent and inspirational writing style to bring rainbows to so many going through tragic storms in their life … a sincere gift!” 
                — Debbie Hammond, Mom of Tyler, Childhood transplant survivor
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“Sally Rains has a gift of uplifting others through her God given talent of writing. Her books, including this one, always engage readers and challenge their knowledge on the subject at hand.”
                — The Rev. Nicholas Inman
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“Sally Rains has put a smile on my face through all the challenges and disappointments of raising a child with severe complications from his illness. In this book she is sharing her encouragement with others.” 
                — Ronnie Herman, Mom of Ethan, Leukemia survivor
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