PANIC: How can I calm myself down during these trying times?

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Right now, before you read the next paragraph… Take a deep breath and center yourself. Try this: Take a deep breath and as you slowly exhale think the words “Peace, be still.” If you do this three times it will calm you from the panic that many of us are experiencing.

During this unprecedented time, we are being bombarded with negative thoughts. We don’t want to think about the virus but yet why are we constantly looking online and turning on the news? Why is that the only thing we are talking about… thinking about?

The news outlets are doing their best to keep us informed but since we are all cooped up and “nothing” is happening, they are giving us 24-hours of the coronavirus . It’s All Virus…. All the Time.

We need to walk away from this. We need to save ourselves. There is no need to “worry” and fret over the virus unless we or someone we know gets it– and even then there is a minimum amount of people who will get the bad version.

Keep breathing and keep living your life– your good life that you have right now. Even if it seems like things are falling apart around you– job loss, being isolated from family and friends, fear of the unknown– there is one thing you do have control over. You have control over YOU.

CostnerAre you going to come out of this better than you were when you started? I hope I do. It’s up to us to lead and guide those around us to get through this time with success.

I picture a day– a beautiful day– when they announce the quarantine is over and we all come running out of our houses. Music will be playing, because windows will be open. And people will be smiling. We will all hug each other and rejoice. It may not be by Easter, but in my heart it will be Easter– the day for new beginnings. It will be the day when we “arise” from this present time and embrace our wonderful life again.

Will you be ready? Are you taking the time to make yourself better in all ways and help others around you? I love that Kevin Costner quote, in the photo, are you going to let this virus define you— “You have to decide if you will wilt like a daisy or if you are just going to go forward and live the life you’ve been granted,”– Kevin Costner

We can do this. We can love each other, support each other and have peace in our hearts.

Bible Verse:

“Be still and know I am God…”   — Psalms 46:10


Today’s quote is a song by Sandy Patti. Click on the link, close your eyes take a breath and just listen. I hope it blesses you. CLICK HERE to listen,

Peace, I Give You Peace, Sandy Patti

Sometimes when you’re in the valleys
All of your burdens you carry alone
Oh, but I know
I know when you need Me
Call I’ll be there
Longing to prove how much I care
Peace, I’ll give you peace
When the wind blows on
Peace, whenever you call Me
I’ll give you peace
When the wind blows on
Heartaches, whenever your heart aches
I want to be there
To help see you through
When you’re weary
You know you can find
All the strength that you need
Find your rest and your hopes in Me
Peace, I’ll give you peace
When the wind blows on
Peace, whenever you call Me
I’ll give you peace
When the wind blows on
No matter how long the…

Action Plan:

  1. Think about what is giving you cause to panic? Write it down and look at the words. Now think logically– why are you panicking? Is it because you are afraid of what “might” happen? If it has not happened, then stop thinking about it. Write three positive things that “could” happen for a good outcome to your perceived problem.  Example:  I’m scared I’ll get the virus (or that my loved one will get it). 3 positive things–  1) I might not get it 2) If I get I might not get it too bad. 3) If I get it, I could get well. We tend to think of the worst possible outcome when in actuality the outcome has not happened yet.
  2. Write down three things you can do within in the next 24 hours that could take your mind off your problem.  Example: If it’s the same problem: 1) Don’t watch the TV news. 2) Go take a walk. 3) Sing a song or read a book.

One Final Thought:

The media is supplying us with so many negatives but my husband Rob and I ARE the media so we realized we have a platform (or websites) to reach out with positives. We have decided to use our platforms to provide positives. If you check out our business website you will find articles about fun things to do while cooped up and how people are successfully navigating this storm. There is a lot of hope and we just need to grab onto the GOOD and stop panicking about “what ifs.”

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