The Choose Happy Blog: What’s It All About?

FINAL RADKO p v above AcknowledgementsBy Sally Tippett Rains

You may be going through the worst time of your life, or even just a very trying time and it seems like there is no way out. Rainbows for Kids is starting a new blog to offer hope, encouragement, and positive words. Sometimes seeing words written just for you can let you know you are not alone– people care about you. I care about you.

I am the Volunteer Executive Director of Rainbow for Kids and most of the posts will be by me– although we will have some guest posts. Much of it will be based on my book, “Choose Happy; Find Contentment In Any Situation”.

Sometimes the name “Choose Happy” scares people off.

Maybe more people would read it if I had called it:

“How Not to Kill Yourself When Your Life Really Sucks”

Of course I would never phrase it that way because I don’t use the word “suck”– I just put that there for the shock value. The truth is: no matter how bad we think our life is at any time, we get to choose how we will look at it. We can either make the best of it or fold up– wilt. We can choose peace or we can choose chaos.

Before you think “she doesn’t know what I’m going through” or “how can she be so positive; she needs to walk a day in my shoes”- just know I’ve faced many situations myself and have learned lessons that could maybe help you. Whatever is happening in your life– you might not be able to change it right this minute– but you can change the way you are facing it.

He will keep in perfect peace; Allen Ahner bird

There is a lot of life to live– even in the midst of a crisis or of great sadness. The clock of our life and our family members’ lives are tick tick ticking and for each minute we are wallowing inside ourselves about how bad our life is— we are missing chances to see joy and make new memories in the smallest things.

As I write this, someone I love is spending her birthday in the hospital recovering from surgery. Rather than posting negative “poor me” on Facebook, she wrote, “I can already tell this is to be one of my best birthdays yet!” She is choosing happy– and you can too.

We can’t possibly know where you are (where your mind is) on any giving day so if one of the blogs has a topic that is not for you, skip it and look over other ones we have on the site.

“Choose Happy”
the book, is  filled with inspirational stories from people who have gone through tough times but survived. Some have gone through illness in their family, loss of family members, loss of jobs, whatever you can think of– but they offer ideas and tips on how they survived– and most feel they emerged better.

Choose Happy Find Contentment I didn’t get paid for writing the book– we got a grant from N.A.I.L.B.A. to have it produced. I hope you are able to read it– if you can’t afford it, ask your library to carry it and then check it out. It is the type of book that can and should be sitting beside your bed so late at night when you can’t sleep you can pick it up and gain some inspiration.

Through Rainbows for Kids, we have given away copies to mothers of children with cancer at a recent spa day event held for them.

If you are a parent living in St. Louis with a child in active treatment for cancer or if you have lost a child to cancer and would like a free copy, (you would have to pick it up at a South County location) please email us at: Even if you are not in that situation and you could use it but can’t afford it please contact us.

I hope you can thank God for your blessings and for the opportunities that each new day presents– and make today a great day.

Bible Verse

“He will keep in perfect peace, all those who trust Him; whose thoughts turn often to the Lord.”   — Isaiah 26:3


“You must master a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.” — Marianne Williamson

Action Plan

If you would like to live your most positive life– the best life you can live under the circumstances, then take the journey with us. Get a notebook and if something you read in the blog inspires you, write it down. If there is something you see or hear that would inspire others write it down and email it to us for use in a future post.

For more information on the book “Choose Happy, Find Contentment in Any Situation”– CLICK HERE