TRUST: Trust yourself, God and Others

By Sally Tippett Rains

There is a saying “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything,” and that applies to trust. In our past people have hurt us. People have disappointed us. Politicians have lied to us. Doctors have upset us. And we have disappointed ourselves. So what are we going to do? Give up?

If we want any shot at having a happy life we have to trust people. Take the doctor that gave you news of a bad diagnosis. He or she may have a plan but you feel like you should seek a second opinion or keep looking on line. There comes a time where you just have to make a decision and trust it is the right one. You will feel so much relief if you trust yourself, trust someone who is trying to help you– and trust God that you are doing the right thing.

Same goes when you are thinking about who our new president will be. If we did our best and voted, we just have to put our trust in our fellow voters– that the majority’s choice is the right one. Whether the people who win are our choices or not if we trust God that the outcome will work out we can live our lives without intense worries.

We may feel scared and stressed out about the future– for whatever reason– but Trust God. If you put your trust in God he won’t leave you. It may take some effort but we must not let the stress of the outside world get into our life.

No matter what we are facing, we can choose happy.

Bible Verse:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” — Proverbs 3:5


“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”– Maya Angelou

One Last Thought

I asked my sister Barb if I could reprint this post she made on Facebook because I thought it was beautiful. With the election being this week I think this is a great way to think:

Hey Friends, remember four years ago what Thanksgiving was like? It was not pretty.

There was a lot of animosity because of the election. And some people were pretty ugly with each other. It’s four years later. A lot has happened.

Take a moment and realize that each of us has been through a lot.But the bottom line is that we are all members of the human race.

I may believe completely different than you, but for some reason, you have your beliefs, and I love you, and I respect you, and I may not believe the same, but you have that right to believe what you believe.

Until we respect each other and appreciate each other, we will remain in this impasse.

2020 has been a test on all of us. I believe this is the moment that we rise above and be our best selves. Let’s make this Thanksgiving — even if it is remote — a moment when we all try to put ourselves in others shoes. Let’s really take a moment to look at the people we love, in all their glory instead of all their faults– and appreciate how much our differences and our honest exchanges help us to grow and be the best we, we can be.

Let’s make this pledge to each other before we know what the voting outcome will be. Because, we need each other, no matter who lives in the White House.Let’s plan to love each other no matter what!

Fifteen  Keys to a Happy Life

F orward- Keep moving forward

I nitiative- Take the initiative and start things.

ow- Do it now, live in the now

D etermination- Stay determined to making it

ommunity –Accept the help of others

O ptimism- Don’t give up on yourself or others

N ew Ideas- Maybe  it’s the time to try new ideas

T enacity- Stay in the game, you can do it

E nergy – Do what you need to do to have energy.

N ormalcy – Embrace your “new normal” 

rust – Trust yourself and others.

M indfulness –Don’t worry about the future.

E ncouragement  Encourage yourself and others.

N utrition and Health – Take care of yourself.

ranquility – Learn to just be at peace.