DISEASE: You Won’t Break My Spirit

Today we are going to claim our peace of mind. We are going to claim our happy spirit. We are not going to let any disease, person, or situation steal our joy. Yes, they can take our money, our bodies can become weak, we can feel weary– but we still have that little candle burning, and it’s our spirit. No one will break my spirit. Repeat after me– nothing and no one will break my spirit.

We’re Gonna Get Through This


There are many things that you can steal from me– and some you might well take.

Like the thrill of a large family gathering or the smell of a chocolate cake.

You may be a terrible illness and sometimes it feels like you’ve got me beat

But you won’t completely bring me down because I’m armed with a spirit so sweet.

Though you try to make me scared and weak; and want me to sit and mope

I have the greatest protection from you –and that’s my eternal Hope.

You want us living in fear—every man, woman, girl and boy

But it’s up to us to save ourselves—you’re not going to steal my Joy.

Every day can be filled with fear, I cry out to the Heaven’s above.

But when I calm myself down, I realize I’m surrounded by so much love.

Every week that passes– the sixth one, the seventh, and eighth,

Just when I’m about to give up, I hang on to my Faith.

Those sweet gifts of Joy, Hope, Love and Faith will keep me away from harms

Because I know that no matter what happens, I’m safe in my Savior’s arms.

No one can break us unless we allow, and neither can any disease.

Our bodies and minds may give in, but our spirit won’t give in to these.

No one knows how our story will end; there’s no fortune teller all-knowing.

With our Faith and Joy, our Love and Hope, we know we can keep on going.

So quiet your mind. Think, “Peace. Be Still”– and stop all the useless guessing.

Then every day won’t be so tough, you can seek and find the blessing.

Quit thinking those negative thoughts. Come on we’re tough, we can do this!

We’ll overcome trials– our spirit is strong–and by God we’re gonna get through this.

                                                                                          —Sally Tippett Rains


Bible Verse

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” 

— Proverbs 17:22


“Even if you have a terminal disease (or situation), you don’t have to sit down and mope. Enjoy life and challenge the illness that you have.” — Nelson Mandela

Remember: nothing is final until it’s over. We don’t know the outcome of our story, but we sure can continue to make the pages of our book great.

Action Plan

Today just determine to live the hand that was dealt to you. If it’s a great hand today– share your wealth or happiness. If you are feeling cheated today– fight back. Don’t accept defeat. You are worth way more than that. In your notebook, make three columns: What I have, What I wish I had, How I will get What I Wish I Had,  Never stop fighting for yourself and your family. You can do this! We can do this!

One Last Thought

Look at our featured picture. What do you notice about it? I notice all the key words. There is hope as the sun is coming up. It’s a brand new day and we can have hope in it. I see joy– what is more joyful than sunflowers as they reach their face towards the light every day. I see love as the purple is mixed in with the yellow in the field of flowers. No matter what we do, when we do it in love it is perfect. And finally I see faith. The flowers wake up every morning knowing that God will provide the light and water they need. There are birds and butterflies we can’t see in the picture and they flutter through their life full of faith that they are getting all they need.

You have all you need. Right now, take a deep breath and thank God for your sweet spirit.

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